Age: 29
Location: Denver, Colorado
Occupation: Graphic Designer

Description: Adrianne was born and raised in Chicago Illinois where she has been employed as a carriage driver, dog walker, Lindy Hop instructor, technical crew for a theater, and most recently graphic designer. She will obviously try anything at least once.

After moving to Denver she met Heather Booth, trapeze artist, educator, and feisty ball of southern energy. Their mutual desire to rule the world led to an epic battle to the death. Fortunately, this fight ended in a draw and resulted in a deep mutual respect and minimal casualties. As soon as their wounds healed they started practicing parkour together and Heather started to teach Adrianne the secrets of aerial gymnastics. They came up with the idea for Cat Burglars shortly after, possibly due to blunt force head trauma.

Interests: Video games, swing dance, special effects, motion graphics, muppets, exploring and flinging her body at hard inanimate objects.


Age: 35
Location: Denver, Colorado 
Occupation: An ex-cubicle slave; university instructor; owner and head instructor of Miraas Aerial Dance Studio

Description: Heather lived and worked in New Orleans, Costa Rica, Egypt, Macedonia before moving to Denver with her husband Mike and her EU passport carrying cattle dog Ivan. She left part of her heart in New Orleans, her appendix in Cairo, and in Skopje she “accidentally” kicked a cop in the balls after attending a UN party dressed as a hippie. She also performed trapeze in New Orleans while also working as a writing teacher at Tulane University; she once giggled during a performance when she heard someone in the front row say “Oh my god. That’s my teacher; she’s in spandex.” Heather can skillfully order beers and snacks in multiple languages and one of her goals is to be able to leap through a car window like Luke on the Dukes of Hazards. After meeting Adrianne, a booty-shaking, quick footed lindy-hopping,video game freak and self-proclaimed geek, Heather quickly realized she had a partner in crime for exploring adventurous athletics and comparing bruises over beers. Adrianne’s computer skills have made this web site possible as Heather would prefer ink and quill. They are currently competing to see who can get the coolest bruises from Parkour classes and aerial antics; so far, it’s a draw.