The Mission

Cat-Burglars: Two Girls Journey from the Cubicle to Real Life Superhero
Let me tell you what this site is not about. It’s not about a work-out regime, proper diet, or fitting into your favorite jeans. Nothing about this plan is meant to be sensible or even advisable. We are not Oprah, we are not qualified to tell you what to do.

So what is this site about?
It is about being awesome. Totally freaking awesome.

We have our own ideas about what a woman should be and it doesn’t involve buying shoes. We have compiled a list of skills and stunts that we feel any self-respecting action hero should be able to do. These skills include anything from scaling a building to picking a lock. We are going to use this blog to record our preparation and attempts at executing the items on the list. The challenge is not meant to be easy, there are going to bruised knees and sore muscles. We are going to do things that are frightening and thrilling. We are leaving the bland sedentary lifestyle of corporate America behind and reclaiming our bodies. We are going to become the ultimate in Hollywood lore.

We are becoming cat burglars.