National Geographic describes heist of the future

by adrianne on July 13th, 2011

Photo by DanDeChiaro

There has been a lot of buzz on the internet about the real life creation of an invisibilty cloak. Now it looks like they’ve found a way to expand that technology on a large scale to conceal entire EVENTS. Looks like science just told magic to suck it’s shiney light manipulating balls.

My favorite part of this story is National Geographic explaining the real world applications of such a device…

“In theory, the cloak would slow down light coming into the robbery scene while the safecracker is at work. When the robbery is complete, the process would be reversed, with the slowed light now racing to catch back up.”

“If the “before” and “after” visions are seamlessly stitched together, there should be no visible trace that anything untoward has happened. One second there’s a closed safe, and the next second the safe has been emptied.”

Sounds like someone has their retirement plan figured out.

Read the whole article here…Space-Time Cloak Possible, Could Make Events Disappear?

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